Our Herd

Our herd is mature, gentle, and diverse in breed, background, and experience. Look at the following pages for each horse’s story. Discover how our herd has grown and the special place each horse has in our lives and hearts.

How Our Herd Grew
A short three weeks after purchasing our first horse, we added Apollo, a young Morab gelding, to our farm. We made many mistakes with him, but as is usually the case, a learning experience for us all. His training needs drove us to discover the benefits of natural horsemanship and to improve the breadth and depth of our horsemanship knowledge. He eventually went off to Rocky Mountain College with our daughter, where he participated in the equestrian program until an injury and ringbone permanently sidelined his career. Apollo remains on our farm as “the world’s biggest dog,” following us around as we do chores in the barn or pastures.

herd in the pasture

As our daughter progressed in 4-H and Cocoa grew older, we needed a new mount for her. One that could both run fast and stand still. Guy, an appendix QH gelding, joined our family in November, 2002. An experienced, but retired, polo pony, he had the patience and former training to learn the patterns associated with barrel racing. He proved to be both a competitive mount for our daughter and a great trail horse for John. He eventually became our primary lesson horse, as friends began to ask for lessons.

Chappy, also known as “Easy Feelin” was our next addition. An eight-month-old Arabian was given to Holly as a gift from the breeding farm where she worked during high school. What fun to have a baby in the barn! Another tremendous learning experience for us.

After relocating to Ohio and the loss of Cocoa, it was finally time for Jackie to get to pursue her dream of learning how to drive a team. Wisdom was to purchase a horse that Jackie could use for both trail riding and driving…one that already knew how to do both. Having been introduced to Haflingers a few years before, we decided to see what was available. After many hours on the internet (the process of a horse purchase had really changed a lot since we bought Cocoa), we found Charm and Carmen (full sisters) at a rescue farm in Michigan. They “made us a deal” for both and soon we had two beautiful, quiet haffies in our barn.