Riding Nearby

Our move to Wayne County, Ohio in 2005 opened up many miles of local trail riding, as well as local and distance organized rides we could participate in. One of the most fun was the 2007 Competitive Trail Ride at Cuyahoga National Park. Never having done anythng like this before, my goal was simply to complete the course. To  my great surprise, I didn’t even come in last.

Fall is the perfect riding time in mid-Ohio. The trails through Malabar, Mohican, and Pleasant Hill are all day accessible and are interconnected. You can pack a lunch or, if you time it right, eat mid-ride at Mohican Lodge or Malabar Farm Inn. Typically the the fall the trails are dry, the colors are spectacular, and the wildlife abundant.

Check Out These Trails

Within 1/2 hour:

Within 2 hours:

  • Cleveland Metro Parks
  • Salt Fork State Park
  • Beaver Creek State Park
  • Mosquito Lake State Park
  • Alum Creek State Park