Mother/Daughter Horsemanship

Mother/Daughter horsemanshipCreate a Bond to Last a Lifetime

If your daughter has recently pleaded, “Mom, can I get a horse?” or if you are looking for an activity that you and your daughter can enjoy together, Mother-Daugher Horsemanship is specially designed for you. Even the most distant adolescent girl would have trouble turning down a mom’s invitation to participate in this together. Learning safely from the basics on up, mother and daughter have opportunities to work and play together, developing an interest that will last a lifetime, learning many  valuable life lessons along the way.

   Lesson Rates

  • $45/1.5 hours
  • $120 for 3 lessons

Valley Oaks gift certificates available for that special mother/daughter in your life, would make a wonderful holiday or birthday gift!

Our Mother/Daughter Story:
When it was time for Holly to begin lessons, a very wise instructor said she would give Holly lessons ONLY IF her dad or I would also take a lesson each time–she believed horses were a family affair. I thought it sounded like fun, so began and grand adventure that has become a lifetime bond.

Holly and I were learning, experiencing, and struggling together, as we worked our way into a new-to-her and renewed-to-me activity. It gave us a bond that we still (13 years later) look back on with fondness and joy…even the struggles, or perhaps especially the struggles, created a strong bond between us.

Do you want to explore an activity with your daughter that can last a lifetime? Looking for a way to reconnect with your daughter? Does your tween want a horse, but you just don’t know…then consider Mother-Daughter Horsemanship. For mothers and daughters of all ages.